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Concord Timing Belt Replacement

Concord Timing Belt Replacement | Solano Way Auto Repair

When it’s time for a timing belt replacement Concord residents know they can find the care and professionalism they need in our shop. This service is vitally important to the maintenance and continued optimal function of your vehicle, so don’t put this auto repair off. Failing to come in on time for your timing belt service can cause engine problems ranging from loss of performance to out-and-out catastrophe. You don’t want to see what bent valves from a malfunctioning timing belt look like. It’s not pretty.

Concord drivers know they can trust Solano Way Auto because we know how to prove ourselves through consistent quality service. A timing belt replacement is a routine but important auto repair service. The tension must be correct and the teeth should be checked to make sure they’re not stripped. If you go through a timing belt service and end up with a belt that’s too loose, it can whip around and cause problems or damage. Better to go for a simple timing belt replacement by professionals you trust than risk a sub-par job that could result in much worse repairs later. You should be able to depend on a nearby Concord shop, and that fits us perfectly.

You can always call us for an auto repair appointment or make one on line. We’re conveniently located in Concord and will quickly and professionally perform your timing belt replacement and more for you.

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