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Concord Suspension Service

Concord Suspension Service | Solano Way Auto Repair

Sometimes you need a fairly extensive suspension repair. Concord has numerous auto repair shops to turn to, but none quite as on top of their game as Solano Way Auto. Our technicians are skilled at everything from oil changes, shocks & struts, smog check, and other auto repair services.

A suspension repair can become a big job. You can’t just drop your car off anywhere and expect it’ll be done to your standards. Driving in Concord and the surrounding areas isn’t always the easiest thing to do between traffic and road conditions, so you need to be sure your car is always running in top form. Whether it’s making your ride a little smoother or preventing an accident, a quality suspension replacement can make all the difference. We’re your guys. We also do a great job with shocks & struts. Replacement can be a scary word, but the work and experience don’t have to be. Let us help, Concord.

There’s no reason to be afraid of a suspension repair. Even if you’re worried about cost, give us a call or make an appointment and we’ll go over your options with you. Put your faith in our Concord shop and you can’t go wrong.