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Today’s car batteries remain simple, while most automobile electrical systems are getting more complex and pushing the limits of current car battery technology. The car battery is the vehicle’s power storage device used to start the engine and help operate the electrical accessories installed on your car. Average car battery life has become shorter as energy requirements have increased. Lifespan of car batteries depends on usage, which now averages 6 months to 48 months, yet only 30% of all car batteries actually reach the 48-month mark.

Owners are becoming aware of the power limitations on their car batteries and are changing their car batteries more frequently. Whenever a car’s electrical system exhibits symptoms of a charging or starting system failure, the most basic test that should be performed first is a visual and voltage test of the car battery. Once the exact condition of the car battery is known, then it is easier to discover which system components may or may not be working properly, such as the fuses, starter or alternator.

Need help with your car batteries? Our staff at Solano Way Auto Repair will be happy to take care of your vehicle so that it may safely take care of you. Our ASE Certified Technicians have been providing simple car battery tests and installations with professionalism and integrity to the Concord community since 1984.

We welcome you to stop by our shop, if you have any questions about your car battery performance, electrical system maintenance or just looking for auto repair services.